When you find yourself...
You'll know where to find me.

my boy.
my boyfriend.
my favorite.
my eddy.
my best friend.


"I just hope someone closer
to Meghan doesn't sweep her
off her feet."

How can I be swept off
my feet when I'm not on them?

Babe. You love me perfectly.
You treat me perfectly. You're working.
You're making yourself a future.
You're kind. You're amazing.
You care.

Most importantly, you care.

I want little yous running around.
Drawing shit.

Babe, I know I have done a million
things wrong since we've met,
and I've done a million things I regret,
and I've done a million times more
things than that with you that I'll
never ever forget. Just thank you for
forgiving me, and loving me, and being
you, and being sweet, and being mine.

You're the most precious thing to me.
I just want you to know that even
though I may go crazy sometimes and be
so mean, I appreciate everything you
do for me. I could never take something
as wonderful as you for granted.

You will always be my Eddy and as far
as I'm concerned, no matter what my actions
tend to say otherwise, I will ALWAYS be yours.

I've got it in my head that you're gone,
and I miss you so much already.

I can't stop crying.

I want my boyfriendillo...

Eddy, I can't take a break from you.
You're my everything. My whole world.
My precious everything ever.I can't breathe
without you. I can't function without you.
You're everything to me. Give me a third chance.
I will try so hard to never do anything wrong to you Eddy.
I will understand that I can't have one hundred percent of your
attention all the time. I will never say we should be over again.
You said you'd never go. So don't.
I'm so sorry I ever said we shouldn't be together, it was wrong of me.

I'm sorry I've put you in this position, you don't deserve this...
I don't deserve you, but please...
One last chance, please call me.
You don't even have to say anything.
Just be on the other end.