Eddy is a music enthusiast, movie buff, overly competitive gamer, perfectionist and designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. He polished his craft and earned his degree in Visual Communication Design at Kent State University. He is now a UI/UX Designer at Intrepid.

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Personal Branding BRANDING | LOGOS

I'm Eddy. This logo is my mark. It is a monogram, but yet so much more. It is infinitely scalable, easily identified and one of a kind.

Since I became interested in graphic design, I have been obsessively trying to find a way to graphically represent myself. I have sketched it out on many sticky notes, sketch books, scrap pieces of paper and even on the palm of my hand. I finally reached something that I really am happy with. A fusion between an E and G. Something abstract, but easy to understand.


The shape of the logo comes from a fusion of the capital letters E and G. Depending on who views the logo, they may see one letter represented before the other. The beautiful thing about the shape is that it is easy to see both letters, but each viewer sees it slightly different.


Red is my favorite color. More specifically, Pantone 48-14. Red represents power, passion, confidence and strength. Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It demands attention.

P 48-14
C0 M83 Y76 K9
R219 G76 B62