Eddy is a music enthusiast, movie buff, overly competitive gamer, perfectionist and designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. He polished his craft and earned his degree in Visual Communication Design at Kent State University. He is now a UI/UX Designer at Intrepid.

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Media Remote UI/UX | MOBILE

The AppleTV doesn't have a dedicated remote, but there is an app that is available to control your device from your iPhone.

This was a course assignment and not affiliated with Apple. The assignment was to create anything you would like that would make media sharing and consuming more enjoyable. I watch a lot of Netflix through my AppleTV, but I find it difficult to use the remote app for the iPhone to control it. So I decided that I would create a remote app dedicated to the AppleTV. My goal was to make something that more easily and efficiently controlled the content on an AppleTV than the current remote apps offered on the App Store.